Doctor Recommended

Recommend by Dr. Matt Singer.

Dr. Matt Singer

As a Holistic Doctor I am always looking for products my patients
can trust, will benefit their health, and avoid allergic reactions.
Bliss Bar contains Norwegian Kelp and Monk fruit concentrate
which are antioxidants and boost the immune system.
All of the ingredients were deliberately and carefully chosen for
those people sensitive to nuts, dairy, gluten, soy, egg, fish and
casein. Finding products as delicious and filling as Bliss Barz
are rare these days when most of our foods are mass produced,
compromising quality for quantity.
I am very impressed with Bliss Barz. the cocoa powder, vanilla
extract, and cinnamon gives the bar an unforgettable taste which
is filling and the mint is refreshing!
I hope you enjoy this bar as much as I do!

Dr. Matt Singer
Integrative Holistic Center