Our Story

Hi I am Patrick, Founder of Bliss Barz!

Eating without restrictions should be the norm! Growing up with food allergies and limitations I know how challenging this can be. As an active person I was trying to find protein bars and snacks that worked with my allergies. I realized there was a lack of solid nutritional protein bars on the market that I could eat.  

 After a full year and a half of making protein bars in my kitchen, altering, changing ingredients and formulation I have finally created a top 8 allergy friendly protein bar that can be enjoyed by anyone around the world.

Welcome Bliss Barz!

The allergy friendly protein bar that is truly free of everything. 

The mission of Bliss Barz is to change the allergy friendly food industry. We have created a high protein snack bar which offers choice to people with food allergies. Bliss Barz is changing the way we snack from frustration to freedom. Just because we may have allergies or intolerances doesn’t mean we should have to compromise our nutrition or enjoyment. 

Being able to consume a protein bar that is high in protein while offering excellent nutrition facts and ingredients is vital to living a healthy fulfilling life. We are creating unity with our food, and this is a protein bar that everyone will want to eat. 

We have only just begun to change the world, one person, one protein bar and one bite of bliss at a time. 

Enjoy, and Take A Bite of Bliss!